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Berry Village
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Sun Jul 5 16:49:01 2020
Nombre del jugadorPuntuaciónK/D (Asistencias)#
RLC wellie00/0(0)
Gospodin B.00/0(0)

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Reglas del servidorEstas son las reglas de |RS|Sniper Only Promod - Round: 0/20

Call of Duty 4 Gameserver Rules:

All players need to follow these rules, this includes members and admins of RS.

Rule #1: No Hacking/Cheating.
Rule #2: No bright single colour player models, you can/will be banned for possible ESP/wallhack.
Rule #3: No Scripts and Binds that make you shoot faster.
Rule #4: 333 FPS is NOT allowed.
Rule #5: No wearing the |RS| tag if you aren't a member.
Rule #6: No excessive use of profanity, offensive language or insults towards players/admins (in any language)
Rule #7: No talking about religious topics. 
Rule #8: No Advertising/Recruiting of any kind.
Rule #9: No Spamming.
Rule #10: Excessive camping is NOT allowed on Promod SnD & Sniper Nuketown
Rule #11: We do not tolerate Trolling!
Rule #12: Answer to admins in English!

Breaking any of these rules will result in a punishment, each explained in the Rule Violation Punishments.
1RLC wellie2336413637 1.71
2toujane alpha147869476 1.56
3RLC cryo125777571 1.66
4kazo115847595 1.53
5raw.113227687 1.47
6RLC SPLY107937706 1.4
7Gospodin B.97165858 1.66
8KFMS! Daiki :>82235037 1.63
9Syamak76239175 0.83
10Petrus74484368 1.71
11|RS|LegallyBlind74184093 1.81
12Deus Vult61483474 1.77
13Jly58857365 0.8
14T656339038 0.62
15|RS| Pajo56535329 1.06
16AYOUB_GAMER255386664 0.83
17|oG|Ajboss7541811479 0.47
18Rik54234615 1.18
19|RS|Reaper51403380 1.52
20noobian48576332 0.77
21Sib3riX49183770 1.3
22|RS|Ameer47763788 1.26
23Arty48035638 0.85
24LeXuSXV47382769 1.71
25Dreamz46702916 1.6
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